What is LADDER?

Linking Angelman and Dup15q Data for Expanded Research (LADDER) is a database platform that links data on individuals with Angelman or Dup15q syndromes collected from multiple sources, such as research studies, registries, caregiver reports, and clinic visits. By linking multiple sources of information LADDER can expand research and accelerate the development of interventions and treatments for individuals with Angelman or Dup15q and their families.

The database is sponsored by the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and the Dup15q Alliance to provide a source of extensive data for individuals with these conditions.


As we seek new medicines, it's critical to have data that puts the patients' voice first. I believe the strategic collaboration between the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, the Dup15q Alliance, and the Global Angelman Syndrome Registry is exactly what we need. CONGRATULATIONS! Linking Angelman and Dup15q Data for Expanded Research (LADDER) will generate innovative, robust, rigorous and interconnected sets of data and data collection platforms which will provide the information the industry needs to develop cures. I am very excited to see it expand with the support of all the families. They will make the difference!

—Jeremy Levin, CEO of Ovid Therapeutics